Art Meditations began with a question and a hope, “Is it possible to use this way I am built, this creative desire that I’ve had, but often ignored in my life, to connect with Jesus?”  In the morning sitting with Jesus, I started to experiment with different ways to use pens, markers, pencils and sketchpads in my reading or prayer. 

I began by slowly reading a passage of Scripture, paying attention for a particular word or verse that caught my attention.  Then, I would sit with that word or phrase for a while and see what stirred in my heart.  Using those words, I created a simple artistic design.  I noticed how this process helped Scripture settle in my soul in a deep and meaningful way.  It was a way of meditating on truth.  From single verses, it shifted into creating something like a calendar page, or a quilt, of a whole book of the Bible, with words that struck me from each chapter. 

Beginning with the gospel of Matthew, I made a grid with 28 boxes, one box for each chapter.  Then I slowly read chapter one.  The verse that grabbed my attention was, “She will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name of JESUS, because he will save his people from their sins.”  So I wrote that verse in black marker in the first box and then took out my colored pencils and colored it yellow.  Sweet and simple.  The next day, chapter two, I read about the Bethlehem star. So I drew a big star in my box and wrote out the words from verses 10 and 11. 

And as I continued doing this type of scripture meditation day by day, I realized I was actually absorbing more of what I was reading. I was connecting with the Lord in a sweet and intimate way and noticing things that I had missed before…and it was fun!

This does not take great artistic ability, or in-depth Biblical knowledge, it is for anyone who has a desire to connect with Jesus and come to know him more deeply through His beautiful gift to us – creativity. 

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