Creativity provides a way to sneak past the barriers our souls put up…like a secret backdoor entrance to our souls.  Practicing art and creativity can cultivate intimacy in our relationship with Jesus.  And it’s just so fun!

Retreats – Whether the format is a morning retreat or a weekend getaway, setting aside time to pull away with Jesus can be rich and refreshing.  I believe in the power of creating experiential moments as we are learning.  This combination of studying a Bible passage + a creative experience can help us move knowledge from our heads to our hearts. 

Creative Moments of Grace – Ideas from my book offer a launching place for teaching, sharing a devotional, or setting up a time of solitude.  These concepts can create a path for a thoughtful encounter with God. 

Here are a few teaching/speaking themes I love:

·      Creativity + Faith

·      Jesus and women in the Gospels

·      Learning about God through creation

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