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Some of my best memories from my Texas childhood involve drawing and creating. Mom was regularly painting or doing calligraphy, which sparked my own creativity.  Dad would bring home giant stacks of used paper from his office and my little brothers and I would fill the blank side with wonderful drawings of whatever captured our imaginations at that time…fantastic creatures, kings, queens and castles, colorful animals, or Star Wars characters.  I was almost always creating something. 

Then I became a grownup and life felt busy. Although I dreamed of making it a consistent part of my life, art seemed like a luxury for which I had no time.

The healing gift of creativity became tangible in my life after the traumatic death of my dear dad.  During this season of grief, I signed up for an art class through a city program. Once a week, I would drive across town to my class and pour myself into the project for the day.  As I would immerse myself in art, I recognized that God was using those small acts of creation to bring healing to my wounded soul.

Since that time, God has graciously given me ideas to use creativity to deepen my faith.  Hand-lettering passages of Scripture, prayers, poems, and hymns along with simple drawings has helped to fix these truths in my heart. This spiritual practice has transformed my faith, creating more intimacy in my journey with Jesus. 

I believe anything that helps us think deeply about God can usher in freedom and wholeness.  It has been my experience that in embracing and connecting with God through creativity, we hear him in a different way, and know him more personally.

My training and experience in spiritual direction and spiritual formation have enriched my life.  It is a privilege to help people listen to God and care for their own souls.  Currently, my husband John and I live in Denver, Colorado, working for a ministry that encourages people to connect with Jesus and cultivate a deeper sense of their own calling.  I am also grateful for the many years I have logged with Young Life, both on staff and as a volunteer, most recently in the area of leadership development.  Counting my blessings would also include my family (three grownup kids and two cute grandkids), art supplies, the Rocky Mountains, riding my bike, and books.